Who we are

Zeopard is a law firm and Zeopard is also a creative thinking consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand.  The creation of Jennie Vickers, the Zeopard Herd consists of four areas of specialisation – ZeopardLaw, ZeopardTalk, ZeopardThink and ZeopardSocial. The business aims to make a difference by being different and focusing on new ways of doing business, including training in creativity and innovation, problem solving, public speaking, governance, commercial law and law management. The Zeopard approach is to constantly consider whether there is a better way to do things, while achieving superior results.

We are constantly changing to meet the needs of our clients and customers to deliver a fabulous experience regardless of the work we are commissioned to do.

The Zeopard Team consists of:

To read more about the Zeopard Team, click here.

Zeopard’s History

Jennie Vickers set up her own business for the first time in 2003 when she escaped from corporate-land.  The first business name was JV Initiatives or JVI. While you will still see this name used occasionally, the creation of the Zeopard brand moved the business forward to having one brand, which resonates for all the activities undertaken.

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