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Zeopard Think offers training and development services to individuals, organisations and teams, to help them think and work faster, get more traction for their ideas and increase their intellectual influence over the people they interface with.

The common denominator to all this work is the importance of helping people understand how they and others think and solve problems and how to use their brains for better results all around.

Corporates are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, deliver better value to shareholders and customers and to distinguish themselves as delivering superior customer experience in an increasingly competitive market.

Simultaneously, customers are looking to their suppliers and business partners to provide creative solutions to business problems. The advent of technology has actually tempted people into thinking less creatively because of the temptation to rely on what the PC or Google has to offer.

To be truly successful a business needs its people to work smarter and faster while enhancing shareholder and customer satisfaction. This is not going to be achieved with technology alone. Across the world it is recognized that creativity and innovation are the only ways to ensure survival and success in business.

Corporates often focus their creative efforts on marketing but too few have addressed the ways in which their people go about working, thinking and problem solving. Managers need new tools not only to assist them in thinking and intelligent writing (instead of running straight to the internet or a past document for answers) but also to aid them in delivering innovative solutions to customers.

Management skills are traditionally thought of as left brain skills and right brain skills have been left to the marketing departments. Research shows that to be truly successful, individuals need to use all of their brains. Individuals with weak right brain skills need assistance to strengthen their abilities to imagine possibilities and individuals with strong right brain skills often need help with being more systematic and detail focused. They both need to see improvements in their whole brain skills.

We can create the programme you need to address your organisational challenges drawing on an extensive library of skills and modules.

Programmes created for in-house groups include for example:

Programmes for individuals include:

Auckland University – Graduate School of Business Executive Short Courses

You can attend a course run by Jennie through Auckland University’s Graduate School of Business Executive Education Short Course Programmes – link to Auckland uni short courses page http://www.exec.auckland.ac.nz  Previous courses have included:

Opportunities to include training and development might include:

“Jennie designed a bespoke mental fitness fun activities day based around Howard Gardiner’s intelligences for us, I would recommend that if you want meaningful and fun training contact her immediately!” Warwick Hill-Rennie

Edvard Munch, “Le Penseur de Rodin dans le parc du Docteur Linde a Lubeck” 1907

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