Zeopard Talk

As you will see from this website, Zeopard and Jennie Vickers in particular gets involved in a number of activities not commonly found in one place. There is however a logic to the combination!

ZeopardTalk is the part of the business devoted to the stage. Whether as MC or as a speaker Jennie Vickers weaves her own blend of commerce, law and smart thinking to inspire audiences into fresh perspectives and ideas.

Download One Sheets about Jennie Vickers MC and Jennie Vickers Keynote Speaker.

Keynote Speaking and Conference MC’ing

ZeopardTalk offers Keynote speaking and MC services. Jennie has an unusual and unique set of talents she brings to bear when taking the stage. She is a practicing lawyer, has a Masters in Management, is a company Chair but is also a trainer in creativity, innovation, memory and communications that stick. Helping large and small organisations, multi-nationals and professional service firms, she understands the challenges and opportunities of business, government, innovation and staying ahead.

Jennie is an engaging and refreshing speaker with the ability to attune to her audience. Combined with extensive experience in both MC’ing and speaking, Jennie is a valuable addition to any conference or event. Based in New Zealand, Jennie works in New Zealand, Australia and globally.

There are many testimonials on Jennie’s LinkedIn Profile. For ease of access the video below has further testimonials.


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