Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Mapping. Jennie is the only advanced coach accredited to teach Tony Buzan’s programmes in New Zealand. Jennie has a Masters of Management and a Diploma in Business Administration (University of Auckland) in addition to a BA Law (Honours) from the United Kingdom and qualifications to practice law in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Jennie is also accredited by Mindjet Inc. to train users of the MindManager and by ThinkBuzan to train users of iMindmap.

Course content can include for example:

Outcomes include:

Click here to read an article featuring Jennie of ZeopardThink talk about whole brain thinking and Mind Mapping.

“The Mind Mapping course was so much fun. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for new and effective ways of retaining mass information. The facilitator was excellent and made the learning experience so enjoyable. I have been able to implement the knowledge both personally and professionally with great success!” Megan Eichelsheim – Business Analyst @ North Shore City Council

A Mind Map all about Mind Mapping

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