Intellectual Influence – the Art and the Science

Gaining an awareness of our own communication and thinking styles and preferences along with gaining insights into the way others think and work is an empowering experience. Building on this learning, making a difference in the work we do and increasing our influence, requires a new set of tools. The principles and tools of thought leading thinking will deliver the desired outcomes of influence and impact.

Programme content and outcomes

This one day programme may for example include:

“I’m absolutely delighted with the session Jennie ran for a group of our people. She listened, collaborated and weaved together magic to achieve the impact I was looking for. The obvious effort made to prepare the session, thread through relevance for our company and the high energy and variety of presentation material meant every person in the room was positively impacted and engaged throughout the whole day. The session was inspiring, thought provoking, brought about reframing and positive critical thinking to look at things differently. Everyone has taken away this stimulation and tools that can practically be used by each of them in daily life. Comments on the overall day included “Style was perfect – she was an excellent presenter, relaxed yet authoritative”; “I have attended a number of days like that, but none that good” and “brilliant and inspiring”. Thank you.”  Vanessa Oakley, Chorus

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