Executive Re-positioning

What is Executive Re-Positioning?

“Your greatest strength is found where what you are passionate about bisects with your expertise. Finding your strengths can be hugely empowering. We rarely see the strengths in ourselves as clearly as others do. One of the best methods of finding your strengths is to have a conversation with somebody you trust who will help you. It needs to be someone who is gentle because if someone spots something far too quickly you don’t get that opportunity for self-endorsement.” Jennie Vickers, NZ Herald June 6 2012. Click here to read the rest of the article, “Focus on strengths, not weaknesses.”

Personal career management has come a long way. In tandem, recruitment in 2014 has shifted from a focus on only CVs and interviews, to a holistic review of a senior executive’s personal brand and position.

An executive interested in career advancement needs to establish an identity separate from their employer, which plays to their expertise and strengths.  For some, making a move is a time of stress, so developing clarity around all aspects of their public presence, is valuable for confident and peaceful transitions out of an organisation.

As a result of the shift in career management, our twenty-first century programmes focus on assisting senior executives to:

The Zeopard Think Executive Re-Positioning Programme

The Programme is structured as a 10 session intensive programme, conducted over 2-4 weeks. Each programme is individually tailored to the needs of the executive but session topics could include some or all, of the following:

“Jennie expertly utilised a wide range of skills to help me re-establish my private consulting business and also to be able to pursue further career opportunities. This included the use of smart social media and other marketing techniques, and making new connections with relevant people and groups. Jennie has a strong social conscience, is action oriented, a bright, sparky and fun person to work with. She encourages both the heart and the brain so that things get done and results are achieved.” John Wade, JohnWade Consulting

“Jennie worked with me to put perspective around and make sense of 20 years spent with one company, where I built the business but not necessarily a career path. Once my skill sets were better defined she introduced (read dragged) me into the world of social media including Linkedin. Knowledgeable, insightful, and challenging, I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough.” Carl Rogers


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