Keynote Speaking

As a versatile thinker Jennie has delivered keynotes and presentations on a wide range of topics, examples of previous topics are set out below.

In 2014 the topic Jennie is most excited about is  “Intellectual Influence – the Art and the Science”. In a changing world, everyone in an organisation needs to understand and play their role in influencing customers, clients, government and colleagues. For many people outside the marketing and comms teams, this is a daunting prospect and as a result many opportunities are missed by individuals for themselves and for their employers. Building on her 25 years in business, the law, communications, technology and thought leadership Jennie has an approach that works for people whatever their personality and their thinking style. Helping every member of your team become an influencer will revolutionise your business.

Other topics include:


“Jennie Vickers’ keynote on Thought Leadership was a powerful reminder of why we should all be committed to developing our ideas and our ability to share them effectively.”
Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures at Work

“Since hearing Jennie’s perspective on getting better value and forming better relationships with lawyers, I have seen my relationships with all our professional advisors improve. She delivered with a most engaging and informative manner, meeting the needs of her varied audience. The tips and recommendations were memorable and easy to put into action. It is rare to see a lawyer make a complex topic simple to grasp, but Jennie managed.”
Trevor Gardiner, CEO, Horttraining NZ Ltd New Zealand

“I attended a national GP conference event at which Jennie made a keynote address to open the event. As a presenter, she is delightfully provocative and disarming. The theme of her presentation ‘Dare to be Different’ was captivating on both a personal and commercial level and generated a high level of participation and excitement from attendees (doctors, academics and clinical practice leaders). Very exciting stuff!”
Glen Willoughby, ICT & Service Development Manager, New Zealand Institute of Rural Health

Examples of Conferences where Jennie has been a speaker and/or MC

Conferences and roles in the last few years include:

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