Information Technology

Jennie had a fascination with computer law back when she was at university. As it was in those days, Sheffield University only had one big mainframe and even the mathematicians were working principally on paper still. Jennie had the vision to see it was going to be an increasingly important part of business life.

Jennie worked for Comshare in the 90s which gave her a knowledge of, and insight into, software licensing and disputes. This interest has continued and Jennie writes articles of interest in this area and was a guest contributor in Computerworld NZ in 2013, writing about tech developments coming out of Oracle open world San Francisco and the Americas Cup.

Jennie is working on a series of articles to help Directors get their heads around technology.

Talk to us if you are looking for a Director who understands IT and the Cloud.

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Technology related articles and reviews by Jennie Vickers:

Ubergeeke Girl – Character created by one of Zeopard’s designers to represent women in technology.

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