Energy and arboriculture

Jennie successfully avoided any work in the utilities sector until 1989. Jennie had been of the view that utilities work would be tedious and boring. In 1989 Jennie was involved with the privatization of the water sector in the UK and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the work was intellectually challenging and the people in the sector passionate and interesting.

Jennie grabbed the opportunity to be involved in the electricity sector when she arrived in NZ. Since then Jennie has worked in and around electricity, telecommunications and gas: generation; retail; distribution; and transmission.

Jennie is well known in the electrical industry and during her time working in electricity distribution, Jennie also gained expertise in all matters around circumstances where vegetation and utilities meet. When the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 were introduced, Jennie took on the role of leading the sector in understanding and implementing these new rules. Since that time she has worked with many different distribution companies helping them see the wood for the trees.

Jennie writes a regular column for the new Zealand Arboriculture Association’s Magazine Tree Matters. Click here to read more from Tree Matters.

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