Customer Experience law

Customer Experience is the most important philosophy driving successful businesses globally. ZeopardThink and ZeopardTalk offer training and keynotes in the areas of customer experience. For further information go to the ZeopardThink and ZeopardTalk pages.  ZeopardLaw uses this expertise in CX to help clients in all the legal aspects of CX to create a consistent and legal, winning approach to customers. The way we choose to write contracts, the conditions we impose, the way we deal with breaches and the way we treat customers who want to leave, all reflect on the experience we deliver. ZeopardLaw can help by drafting consumer contracts that align with the CX philosophy of the client’s business.

Jennie Vickers speaking at the Oracle User Group meeting in 2013 about Customer Experience:

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Zeopard’s creation-a Customer Experience Certificate given to a Barista who was leaving our local cafe. We wanted to show the customers appreciation for the experience created.

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