Commercial legal work

Jennie Vickers has nearly 30 years experience in business law. As a result there are few problems businesses encounter that Jennie will not be familiar with.

All lawyers think they do law in a unique and special way. Not wanting to insult my colleagues, I have my doubts! At Zeopard Law We do business law with a business focus first and a law focus second. Our natural instinct is how to find ways to solve problems and achieve goals without breaking any rules or causing any trouble. If we sound like your sort of lawyers, give us a call.

These days most organisations spend substantial amounts on developing a brand and identifying the brand promises and commitments that matter to their customers. When lawyers come along, they too often produce customer agreements, terms and conditions and other contracts, that are totally inconsistent with the brand promises. This inconsistency can damage your brand because of the risk that customers stop believing what you say. At Zeopard Law we believe that it is possible to produce fair commercial documents and agreements that support and enhance your brand, and create an equitable balance.

Zeopard Process

We will ensure we understand your brand and values, what your risk appetite is, and what is right for you before starting to think about what legal words are needed.

Case Study

Bit.fall by Julius Pope in MOMA Hobart

One of our Australian clients is a really funky thinker. When he needed a contract with a media company he came to us for a funky document. Having spent the time to work out what sort of message, look, language and approach was appropriate, we produced a one page highly visual relationship map produced using a graphics package, which showed in clear modern language exactly who had to do what, when and how.

One of our clients Lovenotes says about us:

“Jennie is our creative and energetic legal eagle! She runs Zeopard Law and loves working closely alongside creative and fun clients so she can spot opportunities for them, as well as bad stuff. We love working with Jennie because she has the business and legal knowledge and experience we need, as we grow from a small business into a big employer and generator of prosperity for New Zealand.”


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