M and A

“I remember well my first M & A transaction as a baby lawyer in London in the 80’s. I was a nightmare to deal with! My lack of business experience, low risk tolerance and no understanding of risk management caused me to fear every risk and try to provide for every eventuality. This was not good for my client and painful for the purchaser on the other side of the transaction. 20+ years of experience in law and business means that I am now a pleasure to deal with, not a pain. This is good for everyone – agreements can be reached quicker and the relationship between the parties is enhanced and supported, not put under strain. We have alliances with other law firms who have a complementary approach and similar values, and who can provide any specialist help needed, depending on the nature of the deal.” Jennie Vickers

Vendor Due Diligence

Any owner considering selling their business now or in the future will see a superior price if the business is in good shape from a legal and risk perspective. A vendor due diligence process will identify areas of risk and weakness, and allows time for fixing things up. The business and legal experience of the Zeopard Herd, delivers vendor due diligence which is targeted, pragmatic and focused.

Energy Sector Issues

Zeopard’s lawyers have many years of experience in the New Zealand energy sector and have the expertise to manage M and A in this sector.

Buying and Selling a Franchise

If you are looking at buying a franchise you need a lawyer who understands business as well as the law.

Getting accepted by a franchise group is not always easy and you may need help outside of the legal side of the deal. Jennie is also an experienced trainer and can provide help with production of pitch and presentation materials and with presentation delivery.

Once you’re through that part of the process you need someone to walk alongside you to help you manage the risks you’re taking on and to help you get the best of your new business.

Thinking about retirement?

If your business is your life’s work and you are thinking about options to realize your investment and preserve your legacy, come and talk to us about the more creative range of options we are developing.

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