What we do

Jennie is often asked: “What work do you do?” and “what is Zeopard?”.

Jennie started her career in an English law firm (with a year in an Australian firm) doing commercial lawyering.  That gave her great experience and knowledge in all aspects of the law around business.  She then moved into in-house legal jobs which required her to cover much more than straight commercial law.  Arriving in New Zealand from the UK, Jennie worked at a top-tier law firm before getting into various in-house roles which further expanded her areas of expertise.

Then Jennie discovered mind mapping and how it can help everyone to think smarter using all the skills of their brain, instead of just part.  This was a Eureka moment!

The ‘Zeopard’ came about as Jennie looked for a visual image which depicted whole brain thinking, as well as the innovation achieved by taking existing things or processes, sticking them together and making something bigger and better. That is the Zeopard.

The Zeopard business is about helping businesses work smarter to help ensure their survival.  Jennie can turn her hand to a wide range of activities, all with the common theme of taking a different approach and, if needs be, ignoring tradition and the way it has always done.

The list of Jennie’s expertise includes:

Jennie can help you if you are looking for a smart brain that can focus on detail as well as big pictures, ideas and innovation.

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