Big data, dumb data: When AI and reality collide

CIO Upfront | 21 December 2014

Spurred by an automatic, yet completely mis-targeted email from the University of Auckland, Jennie Vickers writes about the scourge of the day – the indiscriminate use of data.

Big Rewards from Big Data

CIO Upfront |  20 December 2014

Jennie Vickers summaries Edward Roske’s, Oracle ACE Director of interRel Consulting, top tips for organisations working on big data projects.

The Wind of Change at Oracle: Thoughts on ‘transformational leadership’

CIO Blog | 2 December 2014

This was the first time I had heard an Oracle person say aloud that Oracle customers “don’t like us” and that his job was to transform the organisation and its relationships with customers, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

“No More Lawyers Day” more commonly known as “Ada Lovelace Day” is today 15th October 2013

Computer World | 15 October 2013

If there is a problem encouraging bright students into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths), there is an even bigger problem encouraging young women in.

Women in Technology: New Zealander Brydie Meinung at the 2013 America’s Cup

Computer World | 11 October 2013

Brydie Meinung, services coordinator at Virtual Eye, is only 22. Yet every day of the Americas Cup and the Louis Vuitton racing, she came into our homes through the 2D graphics superimposed onto the TV footage.

Oracle Announces Faster Analysis – 32TB Memory

Computer World | 25 September 2013

As is the tradition at Oracle OpenWorld, Sunday night was Larry Ellison’s keynote night. If the race results had been different he may not have arrived, but like all rockstars he appeared in fine form and with interesting news.

Think Global, Act Local

Leaders Magazine | Winter 2013

Alumnus Jennie Vickers reflects on Leadership NZ’s first 10 years and the potential of LinkedIn connections.

How the customer experience revolution is changing the role of HR Professionals

NZI HR Magazine | December 2012 \\ January 2013

CX (customer experience) is not a new phenomenon but it is back on the table. CX has been around as a trend and imperative for more than ten years. If the buzz at OpenWorld is anything to go by, it’s finally here to stay.

Making it Work for Millennials – Part 1

NZLawyer magazine \\ issue 190 | August 10, 2012

In part one of a two-part series, Jennie Vickers looks at the challenge of helping law graduates build on the knowledge they have gained at university and during their Professionals course so that they evolve as fast as possible into contributing professionals.

Making it work for Millennials: the model in action – Part 2

NZLawyer \\ issue 191 | August 24, 2012

In part one, Jennie Vickers laid out the imperative to look at developing better programmes for developing graduates. In part two, she looks at the programme model developed out of discussions with practitioners across the world, in more detail.

No time for a nap in the Napa Valley on a budget?

NZLawyer magazine \\ issue 201 | February 2013

In California for a business summit late last year, Jennie Vickers took the opportunity to explore the state’s world-famous wine regions. California, and the Napa Valley in particular, is not known as a budget venue, but we set out to see if value could still be found in this playground of the rich and famous.

Managing your career by making yourself discoverable!

LawTalk \\ issue 797 | June 8, 2012

Encourages lawyers to harness social media such as creating a WordPress blog, joining LinkedIn or Twitter to become more discoverable.

The reality of invoking the Chatham House Rule

Law News ADLS \\ issue 18 | June 2012

Looks at the Chatham House Rule and why this legal rule often causes confusion.

Being a Law Grad in 2012 – will it be terrific or traumatic?

NZLawyer \\ issue 178 | February 24, 2012

This is the time of the year when firms take on, or think about taking on, law graduates. Jennie Vickers looks at the type of experience law grads may be offered in 2012.

Book Review: Learn Marketing with SOCIAL MEDIA in 7 DAYS

LawNews \\ issue 1 | January 27, 2012

Book review of Linda Cole’s 2011 “Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days” – Social media marketing is a great way for the legal profession to open new conversations with their existing and potential clients.

Book Review: Nation Dates – Significant events that have shaped the Nation of NZ

LawNews \\ issue 42 | November 2011

Book Review: “Nation Dates – Significant events that have shaped the Nation of NZ” By Wendy McGuinness and Miriam White. The defining feature of this book is the identification and capture of historical events, which when viewed together, form patterns described as historical threads.

If you hate the idea of social media why not give Google Plus a go?

LawNews \\ issue 42 | November 25, 2011

Ignoring social media hoping it will go away is about as winning a strategy as ignoring e-dealing was for a property lawyer. This article provides an introduction to Google + and good reasons why you should be using it.

Disputes Tribunal

New Zealand Law Journal | September 2010

In discussing Disputes Tribunal appeals, this article revisits the principal grounds for appeal, identifies a number of cases to illustrate the futility of many attempts, considers the ares which have seen the greatest appeal success and the possible impact on the judicial system of the 2009 increased jurisdictional limits.

Making a difference by being different

Ideas \\ volume 2 | 2007

Jennie Vickers contributes a chapter in Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers, volume 2, suggesting that great advice requires switched on thinking, and the use of both left and right brain thinking.

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