People we follow

Zeopard really admires the work of a number of other great independent thinkers and organisations. Apologies for anyone missed so far-send us a message and we will fix it!

People we follow and are keen to read include: 

Steve Major – Pricing Power_________________________________________________________

Help with pricing and recognising your value. Click here to go to Steve Major’s website.


Geoff McDonald_________________________________________________________________


All round really clever bloke and ideas architect. Click here to visit Geoff McDonald’s website.


Mark Strom____________________________________________________________________


Top bloke on Leadership. Read his new book Lead with Wisdom: How Wisdom Transforms Good Leaders into Great Leaders. Click here to visit Mark Strom’s website.






I will keep adding to the list as we go along because there are many more than these three!


People we do not follow

We do not follow people who:


More to follow….

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