Zeopard in the community

Jennie Vickers is an active contributor to the communities she lives and works in.

Jennie is a devoted supporter of the Blind Foundation. For the past 10 years she has provided a foster home for a variety of Guide Dogs needing some love and disciplined eating.  Not sure the principles are applied as rigidly to the people, which is a shame for the waistline.

Check out the Blind Foundation’s Facebook and Flikr sites here.

They have the best puppy photos. There is a good chance we will turn up at a meeting with a dog in tow!

Christa the puppy, photo from the Blind Foundation and Jennie with Luke, a working guide dog.

Jennie provides pro bono legal support as a social sentinel to a number of social enterprises like Lovenotes Limited. Check out their work here.

We are fans and supporters of the work of Reza Fuard at Cubebrick Productions and even participate in the Cubebrick team at the 48 hour film festival. Jennie loves being Director of Stuff and Things. Check out our entry in the 2013 Festival and watch out for 2014’s best work yet. Jennie is proud to have contributed special effects as well as great accessories.

Jennie is an alumni of the Leadership New Zealand Programme and provides creative, strategic thinking and other support to the continuing work of this great organisation. Have a look at http://www.leadershipnz.co.nz.

In the past Jennie has contributed substantial time to:

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