Conference MC

Known as “The Attuned and Adaptable MC”, Jennie always adapts her presentation style to suit the needs of the audience, the conference organisers and the sponsors to achieve the desired results. If you are looking for an intelligent Master of Ceremonies, Jennie has the energy, experience and intellect needed.

Conference participants need to leave a conference with the key themes and messages firmly planted in their conscious long term memories, if the desired change or action is to happen. Sadly, too often they leave having had a great time, but with a blur of ideas and then… nothing changes. As the imperative for holding conferences continues to be in the spotlight, it is essential that your important messages stick, that ideas resonate and that change or success happens.

“An MC really attuned to the audience can manage the ebb and flow of the energy such that timetables are kept, goals are achieved, messages are delivered and magic just happens.”  That is the skill of Jennie Vickers of Zeopard Talk.

Jennie loves working as a conference MC. The glowing testimonials attest to her skill at making speakers relaxed, positioning them as experts and ensuring the audience gets the best experience possible.

As well as the MC role Jennie is often asked to run or participate in social media before during and after events. CLICK here to go to the ZeopardSocial Page for more details.

Examples of Conferences where Jennie has been a speaker and/or MC

Conferences and roles in the last few years include:


“My expectations were met, and exceeded. Our audience all feel you had a good understanding of the industry and subjects, and were darn funny at the same time. The professionalism and efficiency made my life easier. I hope to have an opportunity to work with you again in the future. This was truly an enjoyable experience.” Lea, Conference Organiser

“If you are looking for a fun MC to engage your audience and keep things moving (replete with a creative bag of tricks), then Jennie Vickers is your candidate. We recently asked Jennie to MC one of our Cafe Series events and were impressed by the amount of preparation put into the role and the ensuing performance that added to the overall experience for attendees. She is a dynamic speaker and we will certainly look forward to using her expertise at future events.” Shawna, Event Organiser

“Jennie was appointed the MC for the World Business Capability Congress in Auckland, December 2012.. this was a 3 day conference that had an international audience from over 30 countries and over 300 delegates. Nothing was too much trouble for Jennie.. She was great at engaging with delegates and speakers prior to the event via social networking resouces such as Linked-In/emails and this continued to the event itself where she introduced the keynote speakers and kept the whole event running smoothly through her welcoming – inclusive and cheerful style! It also made it a pleasant change that she was conversant with the latest technologies and encouraged everyone to use twitter to share their thoughts on each presentation so that we would have a story book of the whole event… this has meant that the communication and networking between the delegates has continued well-after the conference finished. Well done, Jennie, thanks!” Robin Mann Founder and Provider of Global Benchmarking and Business Excellence Research, Training and Consultancy Services

‘Dinner with a Difference’, Leadership New Zealand 2013



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